Company Program Advisor

Status: Part time, ongoing
Time Investment: 2-3 hours once a week for 18 weeks

About JA Central Ontario

Here at JA Central Ontario, we prepare youth for life, for meaningful work and for an opportunity to do good in the world. We help young people go from saying ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ through our immersive, digitally-enabled learning experiences.

Students learn practical skills like budgeting, saving and starting a business - but they also learn adaptability, creativity, problem-solving and a host of interpersonal tools too. They also meet industry experts and mentors - adult allies who can help them envision their future.

We’re all about skill building – minus sleeping through the boring parts. Because with JA, there are no boring parts.

Purpose of the role

JA Central Ontario is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to support students through JA learning experiences. JA engages volunteers from the local business community to add value to the student experience by sharing industry insights and expertise. If you’re passionate about helping youth in your community, this opportunity will be a valuable volunteer experience!

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JOIN US AS A Company Program Advisor

Share your professional experience, knowledge and expertise with a new generation - empowering them to realize their potential and shape the future.

How it works

Inspire a new generation to dream big and reach their goals as a Company Program advisor. Working alongside a team of business professionals, advisors act as mentors, role models and facilitators to a group of 10-20 high school students during an 18-week entrepreneurial journey to create, run and liquidate a business.

This unique learning experience empowers young people in grades 9-12 with the skills, connections, and confidence to build something incredible - a business, a community and a bright future.


We partner with a variety of organizations to deliver our programs, from professional associations, small businesses and entrepreneurs to global corporations. Your commitment to the next generation through your employer or as part of a larger group helps us impact even more students through generous funding and employee/member volunteer hours.


Education & Experience:

  • Have a good understanding of the learning experiences and be able to speak with knowledge on the topic
  • A passion for working with children and youth
  • Confident presenting in-person
  • Relevant work and/or educational experience
  • Strong communication skills that are effective with children and youth
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Must be 18 years of age or older

Time Commitment

  • Minimum Commitment: 3 to 4 hours weekly from November to April, including:
    • 3 hours weekly for program meetings (set date/time each week)
    • additional 30 minutes to 1 hour weekly for prep time and/or to answer student and JA inquiries (will vary by week).
  • Attendance: Advisors must attend a minimum of 75% of weekly meetings.
  • Training: Advisors must attend one or two* mandatory evening virtual training sessions in October and other training calls throughout the year as required. (*New advisors will be required to attend two virtual trainings in October)

Program Timeline:

  • June-September: Volunteer registration and vulnerable sector check/police screening
  • October: Mandatory virtual advisor training
    • New advisor training: October 19
    • All advisors (new and returning) must attend the main training: October 24
  • November-April: The program will run November 6, 2023 to April 12, 2024.

Please note: meetings will not take place during the holidays or March Break

Volunteer Requirements

  • Complete vulnerable sector screening and review the JA Volunteer Code of Conduct.
    • We are committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for young people and therefore a vulnerable sector screening is a requirement for all volunteers of JA Central Ontario as well as all school boards with whom we work. After registering, JA will provide you with exact instructions to ease this process.
  • Attend an online training session.
  • Practice before you're live and in-person! JA provides the suggested talking points and themes that you need to make this an amazing learning experience.
  • Completing an online survey and sharing feedback about your experience
  • A webcam and speaker are mandatory to participate in webinars.

Program Summary:

  • In-Person: The program will be running in-person across Central Ontario.
  • Number of advisors: Each advising team will consist of 1 to 2 lead advisors and 3 or more advisors.
  • Number of students: With your advising team, you will be supporting a team of 10 to 20 high school students. You will be mentoring the same group of students for the entirety of the program.
  • One business: The group of students you work with will come up with one business to create and run over 18 weeks.
  • Curriculum: Resources, training and support for all volunteers are provided by the JA Central Ontario Company Program team.

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