Virtual Volunteer Resources

Thank you for becoming a JA virtual volunteer to facilitate one of our programs. Virtual Volunteers will connect with a classroom of students through an online platform to lead core activities. You will play an integral role in preparing and equipping youth with the skills and attitudes they need for successful futures.

Below you'll find additional resources you may find helpful in preparing for your JA program session. If you have any questions, please reach out to your JA contact.

Video: JA Virtual Volunteers

Want to learn more about what is involved in being a JA Virtual Volunteer? Take a look at this short video which gives an overview of the experience. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your JA Contact.

Accessing Digital Resources: JA Campus

All the classroom resources you will need (PowerPoint, notes, videos etc) will be available on the JA Campus. Once you create an account you'll be able to find the Classroom Resources. You will need an access code which your JA contact and provide you with. Please see the videos to the right for instructions on creating a login and adding a course. 

You will need to set up a new login, or you can use a Google account if you have one already. 


Click here to access the JA Campus

Tips On Connecting With Students Virtually

We understand that facilitating our programs online may be a new experience for you. We've put together some of our advice and some best practices on running an online session for students. You can download the document below.

Tips: Connecting With Students

Email Templates

If you need suggestions for what to ask the teacher when reaching out the week before your JA presentation, you can download the document below.

Using Google Meet

The teacher for your class will let you know which online platform will be used for your session. Many schools use Google Meet. If you are not familiar with this platform, you can download the tips document below.

Google Meet Tips Document

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about your JA Day? Take a look at our FAQs aimed at helping you prepare for your volunteer day.

Volunteer FAQs