You’re invited to join us at this year’s 35th annual JA Governors’ Celebration!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

For three and a half decades community leaders and volunteers, just like you, have been coming together to get to know each other, celebrate our supporters, have fun, and raise funds in support of JA Central Ontario’s mission: to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

This year the celebration is going to be fantastic and we want you to be there!

Photo Credit: Jesus Maza

Join us at the 35th annual JA Governors’ Celebration!

You’ll be helping to create a world where young people have the skillset and mindset they need to soar.

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A magical evening

We’ll be celebrating at a stunning location - the modern and magical Atrium in the heart of Toronto’s city centre. With its iconic 70-foot delta frames and sky-high glass façade, it’s special from top to bottom.

The event will feature live entertainment, a Snaptique photo booth and a raffle with lots of chances to win fun prizes, as well as a short on-stage program.

Make a difference in the lives of local youth

By attending, you will be helping to break down barriers to inclusion and opportunity, empowering youth to prepare for their futures beyond high school.

Last year we raised over $280,000, which created opportunities for thousands of local students to learn from professionals who volunteered to share their expertise as mentors through in-class and online learning opportunities.