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Teams of high school students compete to set up and run a successful business in this virtual simulation. 

Through this online, interactive competition, students in grades 9-12 learn all about the fundamentals of creating a real business.

In this hands-on simulation, they become CEO of their own company and must create a business strategy and strive to succeed in a highly competitive industry.

The JA Titan competition takes place over 10 days. We will be hosting two Titan competitions in the 2020-21 school year.

Winter competition: February 23rd - March 9th

Spring competition: May 26th - June 9th


Students will:

  • Make key business decisions and develop the skills they need to succeed
  • Make critical production, staffing and capital investment decisions
  • Solve marketing and pricing challenges
  • Understand how to lead a successful business
  • Create and achieve business goals
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