A note from our CEO – March 2020

Jane Eisbrenner
President & CEO,
JA Central Ontario

It’s a great time to be a girl!

How can we not hear the consistent reference to the potential of women?

Doors have never been opened so wide, never has there been so much attention on the potential of girls and never have industries far and wide been begging for female engagement.

All this is a result of some much-needed attention to facts like these:

  • The 2019 Forbes Top 500 list states that women CEOs make up 7% of the Fortune 500 list in America meaning that 93% are men.
  • Gallop states that companies cannot afford to ignore 50% of the potential workforce and expect to be competitive in the global economy.”
  • According to the Harvard Business Review, at every level, more women were rated by their peers, their bosses, their direct reports, and their other associates as better overall leaders than their male counterparts.

And I could go on… there is ample data to suggest that our world is missing a huge opportunity by not engaging more women. Simply stated, the general sentiment is that the world would be a better place if more women were in decision making roles.

It’s a great time to be a girl. JA Central Ontario is proud to single out this trending demographic with special programs. On March 5th we hosted our third annual World of Choices, Empowering Young Women event. It was another stand-out success as 162 girls gathered to hear remarkable stories and words of wisdom from successful women. Table conversations with mentors opened the eyes of these young women to career opportunities available to them as they envision making the world a better place.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day this month, let’s take a moment to intentionally encourage a girl, applaud a girl and listen to a girl. We have much to offer and are grateful for your attention.

It’s a great time to be a girl!