A note from our CEO – July 2020

Jane EisbrennerAs many of you know, we have just entered a new fiscal year.  On July 1st the ‘Happy New Year’ bells rang loud and clear in our organization!  Needless to say, the last 12 months have been an adventure.   Who could have imagined that schools would close, the retail world would shut down and that businesses would send their employees home for months!!  In spite of all of this, there has been remarkable resilience and innovation that has kept us as a community safe and carrying on.

I am pleased and proud to say that our team adapted to working from home quickly and that if anything, productivity ramped up as we pivoted and transferred all our curriculum to digital formats, easily accessible for teachers, students and parents.  In addition, we successfully delivered several webinars engaging corporate volunteers in real-time presentations to eager students.  This necessary pivot has allowed us learn much about the digital world and adapt our mandate of reaching students with critical curriculum on financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship.  Our mission has not changed.  Our passion has not changed, it is only our delivery model that has.

While the future still remains uncertain, we have learned to keep our ear to the ground and monitor the dialogue on how schools will re-open, what will happen to gathering restrictions and be alert to a potential second wave.  I know we will continue to be resilient and innovative. Special thanks to our volunteers, donors, students, alumni and parents who contributed to our work in the last year.  I am pleased to say that financially we remain strong and even more grateful to our generous donors who have continued to support our mandate.  Our gratitude also extends to those volunteers who gave of their time and talent and eagerly await another opportunity to engage with students.

We are excited about our New Year.  Unknowns and uncertainty have made us stronger and smarter.  We are excited about what the digital world has to offer and remain passionate about our mission.  Thank you for your ongoing friendship.

Jane Eisbrenner
President & CEO,
JA Central Ontario