How do young people really feel about their financial futures?

JA Central Ontario is working with HSBC to build a financially capable generation

As part of a global collaboration with JA Worldwide, JA Central Ontario is joining forces with HSBC Canada to trial a range of new programs and resources to teach grade 8 students key financial and life skills.

Financial capability is the combination of attitude, knowledge, skills and self efficacy needed to make savvy money management decisions. In our ever-changing world, the more young people know about money — ways to earn it, how to spend it wisely, and how to save it — the more power and control they have over their lives.


That’s why JA Central Ontario is working with HSBC Canada to deliver Building a Financially Capable Generation (BaFCG). Currently in its pilot phase, BaFCG is a set of resources, programs and events designed to give students the knowledge, skills, and experience to build a successful future.

BaFCG is made up of several elements that reinforce the importance of financial capability and give students the tools they need to thrive. This includes a combination of educational events, led by HSBC financial experts, and an interactive app that allows students to put their new learnings into practice.

Designed by experts in education and financial literacy, these resources and events are an accessible and intuitive way for young people to learn about managing money.

Resources for educators

 JA Central Ontario will be working with HSBC and JA Worldwide to deliver the following resources and events as part of the BaFCG pilot phase.

Quiz: Are you more financially capable than a 12-year-old? This online quiz allows students to test their financial capability and begin their journey to becoming better money managers

Webinar: Building a Financially Capable Generation. These virtual events set out the principles of money management, including budgeting, spending and saving.

Innovation challenge: The National Innovation Challenge is a three to six-hour experience for students aged 12-16. Its focus is to further develop idea-generation skills and collaboration techniques. Students learn ways to establish innovative and potentially viable solutions by addressing current business and community-related problems and challenges.

App: Building a Financially Capable Generation. This interactive app helps students put learning into practice – it builds on key program lessons and helps students learn to apply these new skills to the real world