Meet the youth entrepreneurs building their futures today!

Shop unique products from local student businesses at the annual JA Central Ontario Company Program Tradeshow event.

On March 19th, First Canadian Place in Toronto will be host to a one-of-a-kind event, bringing student businesses together to showcase their products and creative skills. Running from 11:30am to 2:30pm, the JA Central Ontario Company Tradeshow will give shoppers the opportunity to purchase exciting products from young entrepreneurs.

The event has been made possible with generous support from Rogers, who will join us at the event to support our young entrepreneurs in developing their sales pitches as they bring their products to market.

This incredible event is part of the JA Central Ontario Company Program – an 18-week experience that gives high school students the chance to delve into the real world of work. Alongside expert Advisors (mentors) from top businesses, these students work in teams to create, run and liquidate their own company.

With real money, real products and real consumers, this program is a fantastic way to give students a taste of business success.

What to expect from the JA Company Program Tradeshow

Approximately 150 students, making up 53 companies, have been working for over 15 weeks with their peers and business advisors to form a start-up company: developing and producing a product or service. On March 19th, visitors will have the chance to meet the companies and buy their innovative merchandise.

From succulents with mental health benefits to hats that battle homelessness, visitors will be able to shop the latest in innovative products – brought to you by local high school students.

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