MarketAngelo - JA Canada 2021 Canadian Company of the Year

MarketAngelo is the JA Canada 2021 Canadian Company of the Year! As a company forged through our own charter here JA Central Ontario, we are quite proud of them!

Sponsored and led by Deloitte, MarketAngelo is a JA Central Ontario company created as part of our flagship Company Program – an 18-week, after-school entrepreneurial experience for high school students. The program brings together students and expert volunteer Advisors to create, manage, and liquidate a start-up business.

MarketAngelo created an environmental, social and governance (ESG) learning platform that helps users make sustainable investment decisions. The company takes an interactive approach to learning, with the goal of educating its users about the relationships between sustainable investing and pursing profits.

In the first year of Company Program taking a fully virtual approach, MarketAngelo hit the ground running. Using online platforms to connect with professionals, advisors, and their team members, MarketAngelo was able to find out what they, collectively, really cared about and gave birth to their company.

“As the company began to take shape, we developed our time management skills and team dynamic by using apps like Trello boards, having drop-in work sessions, and playing games online,” said Shania, Market Angelo’s CEO. “While managing the company, facing obstacles was never something I felt I had to do alone with the whole MarketAngelo team, which is why I am forever grateful and lucky to have met such an amazing group of individuals”.

The sentiment of teamwork rang true throughout MarketAngelo. Jin, VP of Human Resources, commented on their experience having co-presented with Samuel, Chief Product Officer, in the JA Canada 2021 Canadian Company of the Year finals: “Samuel and I were very lucky to be surrounded by a supportive and amazingly talented team”, said Jin. “We put in the time to rehearse and perfect our presentation to ensure that, when we were presenting, we were doing out team justice!”

Doing their team justice is precisely what Jin and Samuel did, as they competed against the tough competition of Elevate from Junior Achievement Northern Alberta and YOU from Junior Achievement South Western Ontario.

MarketAngelo will now go on to represent Canada in the JA Americas Company of the Year competition later this !

Whether you are a student or want to be an advisor, make sure you pre-register now for the 2021-22 Company Program year, and maybe you’ll be part of the team to be the team to be crowned JA Canada 2022 Canadian Company of the Year!