JA is Building a Financially Capable Generation


This school year, JA Building a Financially Capable Generation brought together thousands of students from across 17 countries to learn all about what financial capability means for them! This initiative, created by JA Worldwide and supported by HSBC, was designed to teach, coach and mentor young people to increase their knowledge, skills, and experiences with money. This experience promotes self-confidence and build relationships that support students' financial health and resiliency. 

Building a Financially Capable Generation was made up of several elements, each designed to support students in their financial journeys. Central to the program was an exciting innovation challenge for students in grade 8. The challenge featured teams from 14 locations around the world. Each team of students developed a marketing campaign to pitch and promote the ‘Money Talks’ podcast, aimed at encouraging young people and adults to talk about money matters and socially responsible investing. 

Here at JA Central Ontario, we welcomed 116 grade 8 students from St. Francis Xavier Catholic School, and 5 HSBC volunteers, to take part in the innovation challenge.  

We want to congratulate our JA Central Ontario students who took part in this initiative and who were inspired to think critically and hone their financial literacy skills enabling them to thrive in the future. A job well done to participating teams The All Stars, Money Smartz, M is for Money, Kids Bank, and congratulations to NNNJJ Studios who qualified to participate in the international finals on May 31st. 

Students formed teams and worked on several topics around spending and saving money. Some podcasts highlighted the spending habits youth learn at an early age from their parents and guardians. These podcasts encouraged parents and guardians to track their spending habits and teach their children the difference between needs and wants. Other ‘Money Talks’ podcasts centered around establishing early positive habits around managing and investing money “as early as now” while developing a growing budget that is flexible to use. Students were judged by their innovation, creativity, presentation quality, solution feasibility and teamwork skills. 


As one of the world’s largest and most-impactful youth-serving NGOs, JA delivers hands on, immersive learning in work readiness, financial health, entrepreneurship, sustainability, STEM, economics, and more. Reaching more than 10 million young people each year, JA Worldwide is one of few organizations with the scale, experience, and passion to build a brighter future for the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders.