JA Central Ontario and Desjardins are working together to support young people in a changing world

Toronto, March 1st 2022

Desjardins and JA Central Ontario empower young people as they begin to shape their futures.

Young people across Canada are anxious about what their future will hold. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with uncertainty on the horizon, youth are struggling to envision a world in which they can thrive.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on young people, and they continue to express concerns about their future. According to a recent survey of 4,200 Canadian youth by Desjardins and Academos, 60% of young people say they're anxious about choosing a career.


JA Central Ontario is committed to empowering young people with the skills to visualize and build a future that works for them. In a new partnership with cooperative financial group Desjardins, we are bringing our unique learning experiences to more students across our region, to build optimism, hope and confidence for the next generation. This generous funding is provided as part of Desjardins’ commitment to young people across Canada, and JA Central Ontario joins over 3,000 youth-focused initiatives the organization is supporting.

"We need to be direct about just how big the challenges are for future generations and act accordingly,” said Guy Cormier, President and CEO of Desjardins Group. “Desjardins wants to support youth through initiatives that encourage them to dive into something, exceed their own expectations, take on new challenges and above all, believe that anything is possible."


"We are thrilled to be collaborating with Desjardins to empower young people across Central Ontario,” says Jennifer Holmes Weier, President and CEO at JA Central Ontario. “At JA, we believe in the boundless potential of young people to positively shape the world we live in. Through this partnership, we will inspire and prepare students to develop the skills, build the confidence and create the connections needed to thrive.”

In partnership with Desjardins, JA Central Ontario will provide a range of learning experiences for students in grades 5 to 12. These experiences will bring entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness to life for young people.

Together, we will empower students with the skillset and mindset to succeed: from entrepreneurship and leadership to money management and career planning.


Through the delivery of hands-on, blended learning in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness, JA Central Ontario empowers young people to grow their entrepreneurial ideas, hone their work skills, manage their earnings, and secure better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. Since 1968, schools in Central Ontario have relied on JA to prepare young people for success in an ever-changing global economy.

JA Central Ontario is a member of JA Canada and part of JA Worldwide, the world’s largest not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating young people about business.


Desjardins Group is the largest cooperative financial group in North America and the fifth largest cooperative financial group in the world, with assets of $397 billion. It was named one of the 2021 Canada's Top 100 Employers by MediaCorp. To meet the diverse needs of its members and clients, Desjardins offers a full range of products and services to individuals and businesses through its extensive distribution network, online platforms and subsidiaries across Canada. Ranked among the world's strongest banks according to The Banker magazine, Desjardins has some of the highest capital ratios and credit ratings in the industry.