JA Central Ontario can support Financial Literacy expectations in the new Ontario math curriculum

Bring these vital skills to life with Junior Achievement’s (JA’s) hands-on, expert programs for grades 3-12.

Earlier this week, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced a welcome addition to the provincial math curriculum. From September 2020, Financial Literacy will form a key part of math lessons for grades 1 to 8, in a move much applauded by Junior Achievement (JA) in Ontario.

For over 50 years, financial Literacy and money management have been at the heart of our programming. Through in-class and online learning opportunities, we help teachers bring these concepts to life with the support of real-world business professionals.

As these concepts become a mandatory part of the curriculum, we are excited to offer teachers ready-made content that uses interactive activities and real-world examples to engage students.

Our unique, hands-on programs – just like this new curriculum – have been designed to equip the next generation of leaders with the financial management and consumer awareness skills they need to thrive in a changing world.

“JA Charters across Ontario applaud the addition of Financial Literacy and the vital skills it will bring to young people across our province,” says Jane Eisbrenner, CEO and President of JA Central Ontario. “We are looking forward to seeing how our programs can be used to enhance this curriculum and help teachers inspire the next generation.”

Programs that support the new curriculum

The updated curriculum has been designed to enhance financial skills and teach key money management concepts – as well as giving children the confidence they need to learn and think critically.

The below programs have been designed with these outcomes in mind and can be used to enhance and exceed the 2020 math expectations.

More than Money

Grades 3-6

Introduce young learners to the world of money management and the concept of business strategy.

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Personal Finance

Grades 9-12

Help students learn vital personal money management skills including spending wisely, budgeting, saving and using credit.

Dollars with Sense

Grades 6-9

Teach young learners to make smart financial decisions, live debt-free and become savvy investors.

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Economics for Success

Grades 6-10

Help middle school students prepare for the world of work and give them the financial tools to thrive.

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About JA Central Ontario
Through the delivery of hands-on, blended learning in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness, JA Central Ontario empowers young people to grow their entrepreneurial ideas, hone their work skills, manage their earnings, and secure better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. Since 1968, schools in Central Ontario have relied on JA to prepare young people for success in an ever-changing global economy. 

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