CNA helps JA Central Ontario students to begin their high-flying career journeys

High school students taking part in the JA Central Ontario Company Program have the chance to shine with the JA Journey Award, sponsored by CNA. 

JA Central Ontario is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with CNA, the international financial services corporation. The two organizations will be working together to reeward an outstanding high school student who has taken part in the JA Central Ontario Company Program. 

This 18-week Company Program brings together high school students from across the region to develop, build and run their very own businesses. Paired with expert Advisors from across the corporate world, students deal with real money, real products and real people – getting a real-life insight into the world of business management. Each company is made up of a group of students who take key positions within the business, such as CEO, Head of Marketing and Head of Sales. 

The JA Journey Award, sponsored by CNA, will be presented to the Company Program student who has demonstrated real personal growth as a result of their participation in the program. This student will have shown dedication to the program and company, respect for team members, consistency and enthusiasm for their position. The award is an opportunity for CNA and JA Central Ontario to tell students’ amazing JA stories and celebrate their unique achievements, with each student submitting a video submission explaining how they have grown and what they have learnt throughout the program. 

“We’re delighted to showcase the achievements of our remarkable students with the support of CNA,” says JaneEisbrenner, CEO & President of JA Central Ontario. “Every year, our Company Program attracts hard-working and ambitious young students from our region and helps teach them important life skills – setting them up for the world of work. The JA Journey Award is a vital part of celebrating these achievements and showcasing the opportunities for growth and development this program offers high school students.” 

The winner of the CNA JA Journey Award will receive a generous scholarship from CNA, which will be used towards their further education. The winner will be announced on June 10th and recognized formally at the prestigious JA Central Ontario Governors Dinner in February 2021. 

To find out more about the JA Central Ontario Company Program click here. To meet this year’s businesses, click here.