A note from our President and CEO

Your generosity will empower a new generation
Dec 1st, 2021

Jennifer Holmes Weier

Jennifer Holmes Weier, President & CEO, JA Central Ontario

Today, I am grateful to everybody who attended JA Central Ontario’s virtual Governors’ Celebration this year. Thank you for your continued support, generosity and leadership. Together, you made the event a true celebration of JA’s impact on young lives.

This event fell on a very important day in the charity calendar, Giving Tuesday. Like many charities, JA Central Ontario relies on generous donations to bring our purpose to life - thank you to everybody who contributed in support of our students.

A renewed vision of impact and empowerment

Our virtual Governors’ Celebration brought together supporters, students and special guests to learn about our incredible impact for young people.

The excitement, enthusiasm and positivity of all our guests and speakers reinforced the relevance and importance of JA Central Ontario’s transformation vision. JA Worldwide and EY Global outlined research into the power and positivity of Gen-Z in a changing world, and JA students and alumni brought this bright, bright future to life by sharing their hopes and dreams as they plan ahead.

JA Central Ontario’s impact strategy is called Empowering a New Generation – and this event reminded me why we chose this title to frame our four year plan. Working together with JA’s students, donors, volunteers and partners, it is our vision that:


Central Ontario’s young people are economically empowered with the skills, experiences and relationships necessary to lead fulfilling lives and shape tomorrow’s society and economy. 

The stories told at our Celebration by students, volunteers, and alumni reinforced the true meaning of empowerment:

  • Empowerment means creating opportunities by giving your time to mentor and support young people, preparing them to land their first job
  • Empowerment means helping unleash the full potential of a quiet teen and seeing them develop the confidence to lead a team of their peers
  • Empowerment means sharing your knowledge in money management with students to prepare them to become financially independent
  • Empowerment means helping youth build resilience in our time of a rapid and transformational change.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this work – and today, I invite you to join JA as we empower even more young people.

Please help us inspire and prepare the next generation to succeed in our changing world.