A new, digital approach to JA programming

JA Central Ontario is offering online alternatives to its traditional in-class programs, bringing financial literacy, work-readiness and entrepreneurship to students learning at home.

In response to recent school closures, JA Canada has created a suite of online programs that bring all the fun of an in-class JA Day straight to students’ homes. Working closely with JA Canada, JA Central Ontario has been involved in developing these digital alternatives for several of our in-class programs. This new model of delivery will ensure teachers who have already registered students to take part in our 2020 programs will not miss out on learning through our fantastic programs.

“We want to make sure that as many students as possible benefit from our programs,” says Jane Eisbrenner, President and CEO at JA Central Ontario. “Rather than cancel or reschedule our planned in-class deliveries, we have worked in partnership with JA Canada and our generous sponsors to create this full set of digital programs. They will be available initially to all teachers who have already been booked to take part in our programs this year.”

The programs are hosted on an online portal that allows teachers to lead classes virtually, guiding students through the programs. Alternatively, students can work through the program individually, with teachers following up after the course with questions and discussion points. The offering includes several of our in-class programs, and includes videos, activities, slides and interactive elements

To find out more about the our online learning opportunities, click here.