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Meet the latest winners of JA’s Investment Strategies Program

We're pleased to announce the latest winners of this school year's Investment Strategies Program (ISP), a Canada-wide investment experience for high school students. The winning teams - Wolves of Mainstreet and Raina Panthers, were generously supported by Questrade. 

Wolves of Mainstreet, created and managed by two high school students, Saqibs M., and Ali S., from St. Francis Xavier in Milton, ON. won JA's 2023 Spring ISP competition earlier this year with a total winning equity of $468, 347.

"Thank you so much! I’m tempered with gratitude for the opportunity to be able to learn trading through your simulator," said Saqibs. "My experience with trading has taught me that technical analysis can be just as, if not far more effective, than a conventional style of trading using fundamental analysis."

ISP is a unique learning experience and online competition that helps students understand trading on the stock market. The program teaches students how to apply key investing principles in the real world and culminates in a 6-week competition, where students research and manage their own simulated stock portfolio using live data from North American stock markets. 

"I want to thank JA Central Ontario and the whole Questrade team for this amazing learning opportunity, including the chance to learn the gist of trading early on in life through this simulator," said Ali. "Through my trading experience with Questrade, I have learned that taking a deliberate and thorough approach to analyzing data can be just as effective, if not more so, than the traditional approach of using fundamental analysis."

The simulated online competition saw participation from over a thousand teams of students, including 2022 Fall winner Raina S., who led her solo team to victory under the name of Raina Panthers, with a total winning equity of over $233,000. She found success in buying and selling HND on the TSX!

Each team competed to build effective stock portfolios and trade with a mock $100,000 in real-time markets to build their skills during the contest.

In addition to the real-life experience and knowledge gained, the winning students received $1,000 each towards a TFSA account from Questrade.


About our sponsor Questrade

Questrade is supporting JA Central Ontario teams as they take on this tough competition. The team provides support and helps students make the most of this unique experience.

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