Titan Challenge

The ultimate business simulation for high school students

JA Titan

This unique business simulation for high school students will inspire young people to run sustainable businesses. 

The next competition runs from October 12th - October 25th 2022.

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How it Works

Through this online, interactive learning experience and competition, students in grades 9-12 learn about the fundamentals of creating a resilient business.

Learners will make daily business decisions and run a successful business in a virtual simulation. In this hands-on competition, students become CEO of their own company and must create a business strategy and succeed in a highly competitive industry.

JA Central Ontario will host a virtual Titan Workshop for teachers and students on October 5th. Game basics and key-business decisions will be discussed with speakers from the Cognizant Foundation.

Students will have access to a fun and immersive learning platform. The student with the highest Performance Index (PI) Score at the end of the competition will be awarded a $500 post-secondary scholarship generously supported by the Cognizant Foundation and the title of JA Titan Challenge Champion.

The JA Titan competition takes place over 10 days, from October 12th to 25th (excluding weekends).

Students will: 

  • Make key business decisions and develop the skills they need to run a sustainable business
  • Make critical production, pricing, marketing, research & development and capital investment decisions
  • Understand how to read and analyze business reports and lead a successful business
  • Create and achieve business goals

Before the Competition 

October 5th

JA will provide teachers with logins and any additional information needed to compete in the challenge and will host the Titan Virtual Workshop for students and teachers to attend, where they will learn about the game basics, different business decisions and Titan tips and strategies.

Learning about Titan 

Students will provided material to review after the workshop to prepare for the Titan competition.

Game Explanation and Strategies 

Students can watch the following videos: 

During the competition 

Starting October 12th 

Students will login and review the game site, decide on a strategy and submit 1st quarter business plan decisions. 

Access the Competition 

Note: please use Firefox or Chrome. If you receive the error code “fatal error” please refresh your browser.

October 12th - October 25th

New business decisions can be made any time between 9am and 11:59 pm the next day (Monday-Friday). The quarter will open at 9am each weekday morning and will close at 11:59 the next day. No submissions will be permitted outside of these times. Please note that we can not delay the game or revert a quarter if students miss the 11:59 pm deadline. 

October 25th

The final day of the competition. All business decisions need to be submitted prior to 11:59 on October 25th. 

October 27th

The student with the highest PI score will be announced as the winner and the scholarship will be awarded. JA will contact the winner on October 27th.

Competition Guidelines & Rules 

To be eligible for the scholarship and the title of JA Titan Champion, players must follow the guidelines and rules below. 

  1. Students must compete individually – not in teams. Note that inactive games will auto-play. 
  2. Students can bankrupt during the game which means they are unable to continue competing and cannot log-in with a different username. 
  3. The competition will open at 9am on Wednesday, October 12th.  
  4. Students will have the opportunity to submit plans once per day October 12th - October 25th (with the exception of the weekend). 
  5. All business decisions must be submitted within 9am to 11:59pm. Quarters will not be reverted to accommodate missed submissions. 
  6. Competition will close at 6am on Thursday, October 27th. The Leaderboard and winning student will be announced on Thursday, October 27th via participating teachers. 
  7. A $500 post-secondary scholarship will be presented to the student with the top PI score amongst all participants.  
  8. To ensure a fair competition, students participating in the Titan Challenge must play independently and be solely responsible for the decisions and game play during the competition. Students may ask for advice in advance of the competition during the learning phase but are to be solely responsible for their decisions during the Challenge from October 12th - October 25th, 2022.

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