Investment Strategies Program Classroom Visits

The Investment Strategies Program (ISP) is an interactive, online learning opportunity that introduces students to the stock market, its relation to our economy, and how it is used to achieve financial goals. This unique program allows students to study investment strategies through a series of instructional videos and teacher-led activities, and gain hands on trading experience in a 6 week simulated online stock market competition. Students work in small teams to build an effective stock portfolio and trade over the course of 6 weeks with a mock $100,000. Students trade on a live feed of the TSX, NASDAQ and NYSE during market hours. The competition takes place between hundreds of student teams from across Canada.


ISP runs over a 6 week time period, once in the fall and once in the spring. The scheduled times for this year’s competition are as follows:

  • Fall Session (October 21 – December 6)
  • Spring Session (April 14 – June 5)

Role of the ISP Classroom Presenter

Although ISP is a teacher-led program, we have some teachers who are interested in having a guest presenter visit their classroom for the duration of one class period (75 minutes). The guest presenter should be familiar with investments and the stock market and be able to speak to the students and answer their questions. This is not a program delivery and a teaching kit will not be provided; however, this will be a general learning opportunity for interested teachers and their students to have a business professional speak to them about stocks and trading. Students will be in the middle of a Canada-wide stock competition and will more than likely have questions about tips and suggestions on trading terminology and outcomes.

Become an ISP Classroom Presenter
Next Steps
  • Express your interest in visiting a classroom by clicking on the link above and filling out the required fields. You will be able to select which regions are your preference to travel to.

  • When we have teachers register for ISP, we will ask them to confirm their interest in having a visit from a guest presenter. Once confirmed, you will be provided with a list of available schools. If you’re interested in visiting one (or more) of them, you can confirm the dates and times you are available.

  • We will introduce you to the teacher and you can ask any class-specific questions you may have to find out more about the students and what they will be interested in speaking about. We will ask the teacher to have the students prepare questions for your classroom visit.

  • Visit your assigned class and mentor the students about their stock choices, how the competition is going, answer their questions, and give them tips and suggestions to assist in the competition.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Britton Nicol.