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My name is Laila Tawfik and I have been a participant in the JA Company Program for the last two years.

Initially, I lived in Dubai and came to Canada 5 years ago, but was not used to the environment and had a fear of public-speaking, always stuttering or speaking too fast when forced to do oral presentations in school. I did not like interacting with strangers that much, and felt uncomfortable talking to people I didn’t know. However, JA helped me overcome all that by facing many situations in which I had to speak up and interact with others through the process of selling. I pitched a lot when gathering personal sales, making me more comfortable as I talked to more people. As a result, I got much better as I gained confidence and became more assertive. .

In addition to overcoming my fear of talking to strangers and in public, JA impacted my life in other ways, allowing me to learn a lot of valuable things; I learnt a lot about business through the last two years and have decided that in the future, I would like to become an entrepreneur or start my own business so I intend to study business in university along with my main major, computer science. Also, it is through JA that I have developed my network and business connections through LinkedIn; I attended many business events, where I was honored to connect with many famous people in the business world, enhancing my network. I was even able to land the co-op job I had in high school through these connections, which I am forever grateful for, as I learnt a lot about software development thanks to that. Not to mention that through the program I also enhanced my communication skills, organization skills, time management skills and most importantly, leadership skills.

The first year in the company program, I began as deputy of HR and Production, but eventually rose to being Production VP due to my hard work. I was a finalist for the best Production VP award and was even provided the opportunity to go to the Next Generation Leaders’ (NGL) Forum for being runner-up of the top salesperson in all of JA Central Ontario, achieving over $1300 in sales.

In the second year, I was the president of my company, Kibō, a mental health awareness company that sells color-coded bracelets for specific groups in mental health. I was a finalist for the President of the Year Award.

I was also the top salesperson in my company, achieving over $1600 in sales.

My experience in my last year was definitely challenging. I learnt a lot about leading a company and how hard it is at times, but I have overcome obstacles by being a leader that listens to everyone, gets them involved, actively helping them out when in trouble and giving them the spotlight. This is the leadership style I strived to pursue and have maintained throughout the year.

I am very grateful that I joined the Junior Achievement Company program, as I have learnt a lot and grown so much, learning valuable skills that I can take going forward into the future – my only regret is that I did not join sooner, as I only heard about it last year in grade 11 when a volunteer came to our economics class to talk about it and I thought it would be interesting and fun so I thought why not? That ‘why not’ was one of the best decisions I made, and I will forever be grateful to that volunteer for exposing me to this wonderful program.

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