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Volunteer Opportunities

Our learning experiences - brought to life by dedicated volunteers just like you - empower young people with the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities: all through the lens of financial health, work readiness and entrepreneurship. With your support, we’re preparing youth for life, for meaningful work, and for an opportunity to do good in the world.


Put the ‘expert’ in our expert in-class learning experiences! Bring them to life by sharing your journey and expertise with students in grades 3-12 across Ontario.

Career Mentor/Expert Speaker

Help equip the next generation with the tools to succeed. Share your career journey, experiences and stories with students to motivate and inspire them as they plan their future careers.

Company Program Advisor

Support and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs through our flagship high school experience — Company Program. As a volunteer advisor, you’ll work with a group of outstanding students as they create and run their businesses.

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