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Here at JA Central Ontario, our learning experiences bring the worlds of work and finance to life.

We know that young people have been disproportionately affected by the turmoil of the past few years. Students are feeling it all, from learning losses and unemployment to poor mental health and wellbeing.

In the face of uncertainty and the challenges to come, we empower students with the skills they need today and in the future. Our students learn self-leadership, self-awareness and self-belief - and the tools to adapt, grow and build communities in a changing world.

Our experiences are school board-approved and are a great way of supporting Ontario curriculum requirements. These programs are supported by volunteers who share real-life experiences, advice and inspiration.



How we empower students

Work Readiness


Young people have experienced unemployment and income loss as
a result of COVID-19 restrictions. These setbacks also come with a learning gap - a lack of employment skills could negatively impact youth later in life. What's more, the future of work requires new skills that go beyond the traditional. Employers are already telling us that certain social and work-readiness skills - like adaptability and creativity - are lacking as they create the workforce of the future.

JA Central Ontario brings the world of work to life: from creating the perfect resumé and job interview prep, to exploring unknown job markets and building industry connections. JA students are ready to tackle the job market today and in the future - no matter what that future holds.

Financial Health

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In the face of an impending recession and slowing economic growth, young people need to understand how to manage and support their financial health, and that of their communities.

JA Central Ontario brings financial health education to life: empowering students not only with the practical skills they need to manage their finances, but also the mindset to build, grow and adapt in a changing financial landscape.



After the past couple of years, young people are ready to make some big, social and structural changes. The best way to shake things up? Do it yourself! An entrepreneurial mindset, and the right supportive networks, are the first things youth need as they plan the future they want to see - not just the future they inherit. Entrepreneurship not only accelerates economic growth16, it offers a grass-roots path for real change.

JA Central Ontario's entrepreneurship experiences build the business knowledge, social connections and self-leadership students need to take the plunge and start their own revolution.

Our Learning Experiences


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Company Program


Transforming Lives

We bring real-world learning into the classroom. Through experiential learning, JA students develop the employment, entrepreneurial and interpersonal tools to shape the future.

Our learning experiences connect students with mentors who offer hands-on training and mentorship. We combine technology with hands-on, immersive learning to teach key skills in a relatable and immersive way that keeps them coming back for more.