Program update:
In response to the extended March Break school closure as a result of COVID-19, we have closed program registration for the duration of this school year. If you are interested in signing up for programs for the next school year you are able to do so at this time through our online registration link below.

If you had already registered for programs this year we hope to return to our in-class deliveries as soon as possible and will contact you if we are able to confirm presenters for your class. However, if volunteers are unable to present in the classroom due to health and safety restrictions after April 6th, we are developing a digital delivery model to ensure students still have access to our programs.

These digital programs will include all possible elements of an in-person delivery but will remove the need for volunteers to enter schools. It will allow you as teachers to plan your JA program around your classroom schedules at this uncertain time. More information will be shared at a later date after schools re-open.

Sincere thanks and appreciation for your understanding. If you have any questions please contact us at

Register for 2020-2021 programs


JA Central Ontario provides school-board-approved, curriculum-based financial literacy and work readiness programs.

Our JA Days bring trained business speakers into your classroom to present a program that interweaves real life stories with hands-on business simulations, individual and group activities, as well as digital learning exercises. All are funded by private and corporate donations that allow us to provide JA programs in the classroom at no charge.

Our impact happens in three stages: transformation, delivery, and achievement. First, we provide a transformational event that alters students’ ambitions, encouraging them to do more with their lives. Next, we give students the skills and confidence they need to achieve greatness. Finally, students use those skills to reach their highest potential.

JA’s portfolio of practical, student-centered programming continues to be an integral part of my practice. Thank you to everyone at JA who work so diligently to support our students!

Nelson Damaso
Business Department Head
John Cabot Catholic Secondary School

In the Classroom

Trained business volunteers will bring their experiences into the classroom to help students connect program concepts with real-life situations. Volunteers use a mix of hands-on activities, discussions and digital learning to engage students and ensure they retain and use what they learn. With their help, students gain the knowledge and confidence they need to define their personal success and pursue their dreams.

Throughout the year, JA Central Ontario partners with local post-secondary institutions and corporate partners to deliver our programs at off-site locations. The program content and facilitation will be the same as the in-classroom option; however it will give your students the additional benefit of a different learning environment. Previous JA field trips have been hosted at the offices of our corporate partners as well as Seneca College, Centennial College and the University of Toronto.

Program Delivery Formats

In addition to the abovementioned options, we also offer an 18-week after-school entrepreneurial program for high school students. This program does not require any additional school support. For more information on how your students can get involved, click here.