Give a Gift

Different ways of giving

Give at Work


Many organizations have programs that can make your donation go even further in helping more students be inspired to succeed.

Corporate matching grants


With corporate matching grants, companies financially match the donations that their employees make to a charity. Companies usually match or double the donations, but some will go as high as four times the original donation. Taking advantage of this type of program will significantly increase the impact of your gift to JA Central Ontario.

Payroll Deduction Plans


Some companies offer payroll deduction plans whereby employees can choose to donate to a charity through one or a recurring deduction from their regular pay. A gift made through payroll deduction is easy and efficient. It allows you to spread the payment of your gift over the entire year if you choose. Your donation appears on your T4 slip, so you don’t have to keep track of a receipt. The amount donated may also be part of a matching program.

Check with your HR representative to see if these programs are in place at your company and what process exists. There may also be other philanthropic opportunities for employees to contribute, such as employee-run fundraising events and campaigns. Fundraising at work around a common cause is a great way to get to know other employees and the organization.

If you’d like to speak to someone at JA Central Ontario about increasing the impact of your donation through work, please reach out to our philanthropy specialist:

Tel: 416-360-5252