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Inspiring and empowering young people

Empowering Young People to own their Financial Futures


JA Building a Financially Capable Generation is a financial education experience for young people. It is designed to enable students to gain the skillset, mindset, and behaviours they need to own their financial futures. 

Learning Experience

The more you know about managing your money—ways to earn it, how to spend it wisely, and how to save money—the more control you have over your life. 

That is why we partnered with HSBC and created JA Building a Financially Capable Generation: so that young people gain financial management skills, practice smart behaviours, and take actions that enable sustainable living.

Learning Goals

JA is bringing teachers and volunteers to translate financial literacy into financial capability by illustrating it is not just what young people know but whether they have the willingness, confidence, and opportunity to act. Our goal for students is that participants in the learning experience will:

  • See the value in managing money proactively.
  • Identify what is needed to make appropriate money management decisions and act on them.
  • Acquire the skills to turn knowledge into practice.
  • Believe and have confidence they can act according to their interests.
  • Evaluate barriers to active money management.

In 2022, teachers and volunteers in 17 countries are delivering the three-part learning experience to groups of students ages 12-16 in schools, community centers, and virtual spaces.

Learning Components

The JA Building a Financially Capable Generation learning experience is designed to reinforce characteristics and behaviors of a financially capable person.  Educators and volunteers coach students through the following activities while creating opportunities for them to demonstrate and apply their learning: 

  • Financial Capability Workshop:  Volunteers and educators introduce students to key concepts and strategies for managing their money.
  • FinQuest App: Students experience and overcome money management challenges through a free financial education app.
  • Global FinCap Challenge: Teams of students develop ideas for social action through an intensive innovation camp and international competition.

Participating Locations

JA is working with several partners on this initiative: 

  • JA Worldwide: As the umbrella organization of a global federation, JA Worldwide supports a network of partners in 100+ countries and six regional operating centers in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, Middle East and North Africa, and the United States. Through this network JA Worldwide engages 500,000 volunteers and teachers and inspires over 10 million students. A full list of JA locations can be found here: https://www.jaworldwide.org/locations.
  • HSBC: JA Worldwide partnered with HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks, to develop, launch, and grow the JA Building a Financially Capable Generation initiative. In each participating location, HSBC employees serve as volunteers and deliver the project’s foundational session, mentor youth through the FinQuest app experience, and coach teams of youth through the Global Innovation Challenge.
  • Independent JA Locations: Last year, 13 JA locations participated in the project pilot.  This year, 17 JA locations will deliver the financial capability program. Each member nation brings a unique set of partners that contribute to the project. This includes schools and community organizations that host project activities and businesses and HSBC volunteers and support.  JA locations participating in the initiative in 2022 include:

JA Central Ontario (Canada)
Junior Achievement China
Entreprendre Pour Apprendre (France)
IW JUNIOR (Germany)
JA Hong Kong SAR—China
Prestasi Junior Indonesia
Junior Achievement Malaysia
JA México
JAYE Malta Foundation
Junior Achievement Singapore
JA Thailand
Genç Başarı Eğitim Vakfı (Turkey)
JA of New York (USA)
Junior Achievement Vietnam