Teacher Contact Email Template

Below is a template with the type of questions/information you can include when reaching out
to the teacher ahead of your virtual volunteer experience. (This is only a recommendation, feel
free to make changes to your email if needed). It is highly recommended that you reach out
about a week before your JA program date. You'll want to ensure you have enough time to set
up a test session with teacher and their online platform.

Hello (insert teacher's name),

My name is (insert volunteer name), and I will be facilitating the (insert program name) with your class virtually on (insert date) at (insert start time). I am looking forward to spending some time with your class, and I wanted to reach out to introduce myself in advance.

As I will be running the session virtually, we usually ask the teacher to set up access for JA presenters to join the online platform that you're already using with your class (such as Google Meet, Zoom, Teams etc). If you do not have an online platform that you're able to invite me to, please let me know. To make sure the session goes smoothly, I'd like to set up a test session with you in advance to make sure that I'm able to easily join and share my audio/video/screen.

  • What online platform are you using with your class?
  • Please let me know of any dates/times that work well for you, so we can set up a quick test session with your online platform (this usually only takes 15 minutes).

As I prepare for my session with your class, I have a few questions/comments:

  • Are your students learning in-person, online or combination of both?
  • My records show that you have (include number from confirmation) students in your class, is this still correct?
  • Some of the activities in the program, the students may find it helpful to use a calculator.
  • You should have received student workbooks for your class from JA (applicable to all programs except Personal Finance). If you can kindly make sure the students have either the physical workbooks or access to the digital version before the presentation, it would be greatly appreciated. If you do not have the workbooks, please let me know.
  • If you have any advice on how to best engage your students during an online session, please let me know.
  • Is there anything specific about your class I should know?

Please let me know if you have any questions.