Teacher Resources

We're delighted that your class will be participating in the JA Economics for Success program. JA will provide all of the resources you will need to run a successful program in your class. Thanks to the generous support of our partners, this opportunity is available to your students at no cost.


The JA Kit

If you are delivering the program to students in person, you can request the program workbooks to be shipped at no cost to you. Alternatively, students can complete the activities online using fillable PDF forms on the JA Campus.

The JA Campus
To have your class participate in the online program, you'll need to use the JA Campus. This will give you access to online resources and interactive elements which are part of the program.

Video Resources

Your participation in our online platform is possible with the generous support of our partners. To enhance your program experience, our partners have developed some additional content and stories to share with your students. These videos can be shared during the program lessons or as a follow up after students have completed the program.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Additional Resources and Activities
Special thank you to our program sponsor