Additional Resources for Teachers

We're delighted that your class was able to participate in the JA Economics for Success program led by one of our virtual presenters. Since the online session is only 60-90 minutes, below you will find some additional optional resources you can choose to use with your class should you be interested in extending the learning. We hope you and your students enjoyed the JA program.


Feedback Survey
Offering our programs online is a new process for us, and we would love to have your feedback. This helps us in assessing our program to make sure it's a great experience for both teachers and students. If you could kindly complete the teacher survey below and share the student survey with your class it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions abut the Economics for Success Program, please reach out to your
JA Staff Contact: Angela Scott.

Video Resources

Your participation in our online platform is possible with the generous support of our partners. To enhance your program experience, our partners have developed some additional content and stories to share with your students. These videos can be shared during the program lessons or as a follow up after students have completed the program.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Additional Resources and Activities (and student assessment tools)

We would like to encourage you to continue the learning with your class. You are welcome to use the supplementary tools outlined below to encourage participation, support curriculum objectives, and use for student assessment.

Special thank you to our program sponsor