Volunteer Resources – Dollars with Sense

Thank you for volunteering to facilitate the JA Dollars with Sense program. Please use any of the resources below to help you prepare for your day in the classroom.

Presentation Slides & Presentation Notes

  • Please download the PDF slides below and save them onto a USB. You will be able to use them in the classroom with your presentation for the day. All of the digital resources/videos you need are embedded in the file for you.
  • Please feel free to download and print the presentation notes. These have detailed notes on the program associated with the PDF slides.

Recorded Training

In preparation for your day in the classroom, please watch the volunteer training before your day in the classroom. These are pre-recorded sessions of the training which are accessible on YouTube. The first training describes in details what you need to prepare for your day in the classroom, what you need to know about going into a school and the role of the teachers and students. The second recording goes through the specific activities and material with our recommendations on how to best facilitate these.

Please watch both of the recordings below before your JA Day. it will take about one hour to watch both recordings.

Email Templates

If you need suggestions for some questions to ask your classroom teacher, take a look at our email templates. We have included information you may want to ask the teacher as well as a sample message for your out of office to use on your JA Day.

Tips for the Classroom

While preparing for your day in the classroom, take a look at some of these tips and reminders. If you have more questions, scroll down to our FAQ section!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about your JA Day? Take a look at our FAQs aimed at helping you prepare for your volunteer JA Day.

Click Here for FAQs