JA Central Ontario’s Digital House Rules

Making everybody feel welcome during online learning experiences and on social media.

At JA Central Ontario, we believe in the power of partnership, collaboration and community. We create inclusive, youth-focused, welcoming spaces for everybody we work with – including during digital events and learning experiences.

To do this, we need your help!

We ask that everybody follows these rules when interacting with JA Central Ontario online. If we see any activity that goes against these guidelines, we reserve the right to remove content or block users without prior notification.

Respect others and be kind

Keep our online spaces inclusive and safe by respecting others and honouring their experiences. Abuse, profanity, threats, harassment, and defamatory or sexualized language will not be tolerated.

Keep conversations relevant and open

JA Central Ontario staff and volunteers will only discuss JA business, and won’t friend, follow, or privately correspond with youth online or through any digital channel.

Be transparent, honest and lawful

Respect intellectual property rights and only post or share content such as photos, videos and text that you have the right to use. Please don’t post false, misleading, or deceptive information. Don’t post about or encourage illegal activities.

Use photos and videos responsibly

Please don’t take or share photos of youth in JA Central Ontario programs or other JA participants online without explicit consent from JA Central Ontario and the individuals in question. All images and videos of youth must be accompanied by written consent from a parent or guardian. If you have permission to share a photo or video, please use first names only.

We assume that anyone sharing user-generated content has the right to do so and has the permission of the photographed/videotaped individuals. Please do not post images you do not have permission to post, including photos of youth without the permission of a parent or guardian.

Protect everybody’s privacy

Don’t share personal information about yourself or others online. Remember – comments made online, especially on social media, can be permanent and viewable by millions of people.

Find out JA Central Ontario’s commitment to privacy by reading our Privacy Policy here.

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact our Privacy Officer. Please note that as we cannot guarantee the security of Internet mail, all formal requests to access personal information should be made in writing.

Privacy Officer
JA Central Ontario
133 Richmond Street west, Suite 405 Toronto, Ontario M5H 2L3
Phone: 416-360-5252
Email: privacy@jacentralontario.org