JA Central Ontario’s Complaints Policy


JA Central Ontario is a registered Canadian charity that is committed to high standards of conduct. We recognize that from time to time there may be concerns or complaints, and we believe our public stakeholders have a right to provide them to us. We further believe that the process for resolving concerns and complaints should be timely, fair and respectful. Furthermore, complaints are a good source of data for continuous improvement.


From time to time, JA Central Ontario may receive complaints about the quality of service related to the organization’s policies and procedures, the application of those policies and procedures or the conduct of the organization or its representatives.


The purpose of this policy is to create a transparent and fair method of receiving and responding to external complaints.

Scope and Application

This policy applies to complaints from JA Central Ontario’s public stakeholders, such as donors and community volunteers, who have complaints that JA Central Ontario is not complying with its policies and procedures, including matters addressed in the Imagine Canada Standards.

This policy is for external stakeholders of JA Central Ontario. Internal, non-employment complaintsshould bereportedthroughManagementorunderJACentralOntario’s Whistleblower Policy on page 21 of the Human Resources Manual, as appropriate. Employment-related concerns should continue to be reported through supervisors and Human Resources.

JA Central Ontario will respond to a complaint and make every reasonable effort to investigate it as soon as possible. Complaints will be addressed in a fair and consistent manner; however, some complaints may require more effort to address.

Process for Reporting a Complaint

Many problems can be resolved easily and quickly, often at the time they arise, by speaking with your JA Central Ontario representative. If a problem cannot be resolved in this way, or if a member of the public wishes to make a complaint, the complaint may be submitted verbally or in writing directly to the Senior Director, Finance & Administration at info@jacentralontario.org or 416-360-5252.

JA Central Ontario will acknowledge the receipt of a complaint and advise the complainant who will be handling the complaint.

How the Report of a Complaint will be Handled

JA Central Ontario will investigate the complaint and may seek further information from any employee, contractor, volunteer or stakeholder, as appropriate. The actions taken by JA Central Ontario with respect to a particular allegation will depend on the nature of the reported violation.

Each case is unique, but JA Central Ontario will handle any allegation reported pursuant to this policy respectfully and with discretion. If the facts warrant it, JA Central Ontario will take corrective action or disciplinary action equal to the severity of the complaint.

Reporting Back – JA Central Ontario will respond as soon as possible after the matter has been reviewed and a determination has been reached. The complainant will be advised of the results of the review.

Continuous Improvement – JA Central Ontario will keep a database of complaints received. The data will be reviewed to determine whether there are frequently recurring complaints of a similar type. If there are, an investigation will be initiated to determine whether there are systemic process issues within JA Central Ontario that need to be addressed to eliminate reoccurring incidences.

Report to the Board

JA Central Ontario will inform its Board at least annually of the number, type and disposition of complaints received.