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Meet the Company Program student teams and their volunteer advisors; find out about the innovative and varied products and services they developed, the companies they created and how they managed their businesses during their 18-week learning journey.

Group 920

Our 2022-23 Teams

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Zen works to promote a focused stress-free life, regardless of the occasion. We wish to provide support for those with anxiety and attention deficit disorders to reinforce and destigmatize stress relief outlets. Zen plans to achieve these goals with a sleek and modern stress-alleviating jewelry design fit for all occasions along with dedicated support to peoples with special needs

Continental Cravings

Continental Cravings is a company that promotes diversity by providing an alleyway to different countries’ cultural snacks.


Essentielle is an aromatic therapy candle brand meticulously crafted by a group of high school students in Toronto. The candles are designed to promote relaxation and alleviate stress, emitting a subtle scent that is gentle on the olfactory senses.

Intra Expression

Intra Expression sells Tranquility Treasures, a self-care bag that promotes mental health by providing resources and tools to help people cope and relax their minds.

MAD Magnetics

MAD Magnetics is an acronym for our co-founders’ names. MAD is the acronym and Magnetics stands for our product which is magnetized. We are a small but mighty female student led e-commerce business. Our idea came from the common problem of not having an ease of access to our presto cards.



We are a company standing for individuality and mental wellness using the new technology of AI.


Clima sells custom designed merchandise to promote climate change awareness. Clima will also work with local charities and organizations to eventually donate 5% of all profits. Along with that, Clima sells clothes that have a low carbon footprint.

Mental Milestones

Mental Milestones is a company of passionate teens hoping to spread a message of hope and inclusivity to help those struggling with mental health. We chose to follow this mission because we can relate on a personal level of the struggles teenagers are facing due to academics, extra-curriculars while also trying to maintain healthy relationships with family and friends.


Planterium is a company that creates terrariums. In the word Planterium, Plant comes from the word plant which relates to nature and Terium which relates to terrariums, the product that Planeterium produces and sells. Planterium stands for plant terrariums which helps to encourage environmental friendliness in a small way using sustainable decor.

After That Last Sip

After That Last Sip is dedicated to addressing the 18 million tonnes of coffee waste sent to landfills every year, by creating sustainable and environmentally-friendly coffee kits. Join us in our mission to create a better world, one cup of coffee at a time!


Sproutz is a student-run business based in Mississauga, sponsored by RBC. We strive to connect members of our community to the environment by supporting them in their gardening initiatives and reducing their carbon footprint one step at a time.

ACE 18

ACE18 is a company with many hard workers who strive to create the best possible product for consumers. They also thrive to create new, trendy, and comfortable apparel and will happily donate a percentage of their total profits toward a charity.


Bookeries is a student run JA Company led by Instar working towards re-inspiring reading for all by adding convenience to it by making and selling wedge-shaped page holders, known better as bookwedges.


We strive to create products that are not only stylish but also reusable, durable, and biodegradable. We offer cotton tote bags, iron-on patches and crochet keychains.

Evercord Toronto

At Evercord Toronto, we strive to create a sense of community through wearable works of art. We aim to build a work environment that is inclusive to all and one which allows people to express themselves.


Beecause is an ethically sourced clothing brand that seeks to bring awareness to declining bee populations as well as giving 10% of profits to Canadian bee charities

Joey Helps

Joey Helps is a dynamic matchmaking platform that educates and connects Gen Z, ages 18 – 24, to their first mental health professional. Our mission – through our platform and through events – is to create Healthier Minds Happier People. We work with newer licensed professionals who are seeking new patients. In addition, we believe insurance companies, health tech companies as well as employers of choice all have vital parts to play to educate and ensure mental health accessibility is within reach of the ones who need it the most.


Toast is a tote bag company that gives people a chance to express themselves with colourful and appealing bags while at the same time supporting charities that impact the world in a positive way and being environmentally friendly.

Intern Connect

ILM Apparel

ILM Apparel is a company dedicated to promoting student art. By creating an open forum to collect student artwork we hope to give our student artists a platform and opportunity to display their incredible art. We create Graphic T-shirts featuring student art work to help these students promote themselves as artists.


Wonder’s mission is to make a difference in the world through fashion. With unique lava bead bracelets representing parts of our diverse world, Wonder promotes global sustainability through partnerships with non-profit organizations. Wonder’s goal is to empower people to take action and make a positive impact on the planet and all its inhabitants.


Gleam is a company passionate about creating unique candles meant to spread #positivity and light up your life. Their giftable candles feature the themes: #happiness , #love , and #friendship with scents and crystals (hidden inside!) to match.

Horizon Vintage

Intertwining sustainability and timeless fashion through screen-printed & thrifted clothes that resonates with your personal identity and creativity!


Embracelets is a small business that produces sustainable pressure bead bracelets using eco-friendly materials. The company takes pride in its meticulous attention to detail and dedication to quality, which is reflected in the handcrafted designs of each bracelet. Embracelets strives to empower its customers to express their individuality, confidence, and well-being through their products, inspiring positive change in their lives.


Justickers is a company that aims to raise awareness about mental health through the use of minimalistic and visually appealing stickers. Justickers is able to foster a community of belonging by using stickers to express support for mental health.

Nyft.e Technology

Nyft.e is a company that stands to protect people’s lives and prioritize safety. Nyft.e strives to create a safe place for everyone to be bold and fearless by providing obtainable and simple yet effective solutions.

HSM Media Company

HSM Media Company will be providing its customers with a podcast where they can find tips and helpful information to smooth their transition to a higher level of education, such as new extracurricular activities, handling stress, or making new friends. The organized platform is unique in that it is curated by student speakers of similar age (in highschool) with recent experiences who relate to the needs of our consumers. Additionally, HSM Media Company will be selling merchandise on Shopify. Our merch will include varying colors and sizes with our signature black, pink, and yellow logo.


Sprouterr is a desk terrarium company focused on improving the wellbeing of students and office workers created by a group of passionate high school students. Our product consists of a perfect blend of soil, ivory sand, mystic crystals, and high-quality artificial plants.


Petsinista is a company made by Team 1 of JA company. Petsinista makes fashionable and comfortable clothing pieces for dogs and cats of all sizes.