Our Student Companies

Meet the Company Program student teams and their volunteer advisors; find out about the innovative and varied products and services they developed, the companies they created and how they managed their businesses during their 18-week learning journey. You are invited to nominate your favourite student company for the People’s Choice award.

Group 920

Our 2021-22 Teams

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inLoop is a media company that aims to “gameify” the consumption of news. Each week, the team at inLoop summarizes 15 news events in 200 words or less and releases a quiz to test its users on their knowledge of the news on inloop.site.


We are KIYOWO, the home of Cloudy the cloud. Our ambassador, Cloudy, spreads our message of inclusivity; who also loves trying new things. Furthermore, our products support The Hospital SickKids to provide quality care for children in need.


Leafie is a JA Toronto Program student-run enterprise. Leafie sells mugs and promotes the health advantages of tea. Leafie sells adorable mugs called Muggies. Leafie have a wide variety of mugs that can be customized to fit your personality.

Life Switch, a JA Central Ontario Company

Life switch is a company that tries to help students by creating new ways for students to learn from other students who have overcome or experienced an issue. #highschool #thefuture #uni #jobs #scholarships #school #volunteering #recreation

Personal Touch

We are Personal Touch, a company led by high school students here to provide you with a platform that will allow you to let your creativity run free where you can freely design and customize your own clothing.


Pinfusion is a JA Central Ontario Company that is dedicated to supporting inclusivity and the awareness of the LGBTQ+ Community. They strive for people to express themselves through their products. #Pinfusion #Love #LGBTQ+Community

Positively Smile

Positively Smile is a clothing brand that sheds light on the importance of mental wellbeing. Their unique designs help inspire discussion around mental health and serve as a reminder to incorporate wellness into daily life. #mentalhealth

quill crates

Quill crates is a personalized book crate company made for new readers which takes the titles of your past read books and uses recommendations from others to personalize your crate so that you receive an order within your similar taste.

Relax Ribbons

Relax Ribbons strives to help those who feel overwhelmed during the pandemic. With a variety of designs, their 3-D printed stickers are the first-of-their-kind! For every sticker sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to @kidshelpphone.

Roomie Homies

Roomie Homies is an online shop selling trendy interior decor for teens.Our products are posters and tapestries with appealing landscape photography and prints.The goal of our designs is to fill blank walls creating a more welcoming living space.

Seas Tees

Seas Tees is a clothing brand with the goal of saving the Sea, one Tee at a time. Seas Tees will achieve its goal by selling artistic apparel with a portion of profits going directly towards ocean cleanup charities such as Plastic Oceans Canada.


SignItSimple is a JACO Company that aims to simplify hectic lives through a user-friendly organization platform. Through streamlining document distribution, SignItSimple strives to empower youth to pursue ambitious event-planning initiatives.


Silicove is a company that is selling a high-quality and cost-efficient shoe cover to help people protect heir shoes from poor environments such as rain, mud, snow, and any other faulty weather conditions that can consequently stain the shoe.

Together Sweater

Together Sweater aids new Canadian immigrants by providing them with neighbourhood-specific information to smoothen their transition into the GTA. Further, we sell hoodies and crewnecks through which 10% of profits/sweater go to Skills For Change.


Unibrite is a company that believes all students deserve to start their journey to post-secondary with a tension-free mind and strives to ensure this occurs.


UniLife is a company that’s motivated to bring quality information about universities and university life to high school students. #Uni #UniversityLife #University #highschool

Uniphics, a JA Central Ontario Company

Uniphics is a JA Central Ontario Company that wants to add some artistic flare to the world. They are a company that sells custom-made posters. Uniphics aims to provide people with an affordable way to express their individuality through art.


Unlock is a student run company with the goal of unlocking solutions that make everyday tasks accessible to everyone. We accomplish this with out product Unlock Tab. It is a 3D Printed plastic pull tab that helps people open cans easier.


The team at Volunteerify believes in the importance of community service and are driven to ensure that each student has an ample amount of opportunities to expose themselves to new experiences that can aid them in developing their careers.

What’s Next, a JA Central Ontario Company

What’s Next gives students the opportunity to learn and interact with professionals who have successfully reached and surpassed their career goals, so that they can properly plan for their future success.

Cactus Kids Health Club

Cactus Kids Health Club is a global community focused on building healthier lifestyles. Through exclusive events and challenges, members develop healthy habits — improving their fitness, nutrition, mindset and sleep.


CareCards is a business built on providing premium digital cards. We take a new approach to a classic method of showing appreciation and love by cutting out the majority of waste.


Charis is a student-led company striving to make the digital art world more accessible by offering youth aspiring artists a platform to sell and connect with top buyers.


Comparéco is an online platform that promotes eco-friendly clothing to raise awareness for #sustainablefashion. Customers can easily navigate products from different sustainable brands with just a few clicks.


Cozzzy is an apparel company that creates and designs clothes such as hoodies, crewnecks and t-shirts. Cozzzy is in support of personal wellbeing and is donating 10% of our profit directly to the Centre for Community Mental Health at SickKids.


Digipost is a company that is passionate about empowering small businesses. Digipost understands that all small businesses have been heavily affected by the COVID19 pandemic and are committed to providing a product that will help these businesses


e-ZEN-tials is comprised of seven student entrepreneurs. We are committed to helping young adults in improving their mental health and well-being. Creating kits with pride and dedication, we ensure that we care for you in the best way possible.


Ecopins is a company that advocates for climate change by selling eco-friendly pins and donating a portion of our profits to a local Canadian climate change charity. #Ecopins #SaveTheClimate #Ecopins #shop.ecopins.tk #Climatechangematters


We are a student run company focused on informing people about financial literacy.


Espérer is a company that aims to alleviate mental health issues. So many people struggle with mental heath and the company’s goal is to mitigate the struggle and make a positive impact through stylish hoodies.

Evanescent Totes

At Evanescent Totes, we strive to provide beautiful tote bags for the socially conscious consumer. Our company focuses on promoting a message of positivity and wellbeing; an appreciation of the everyday moments that bring us joy.


Everconnect is a Junior Achievement company based in Ontario, Canada. We are made up of like-minded high school students who want to aid youth like us in their academic journeys through providing organized resources.


Féministe values inclusivity and strives to always promote women empowerment as well as advocates for women’s employment through their tote bags, stickers, and more.


School activity fees have been increasing, yet the schools are doing less. FLICK/D is here to change that. FLICK/D is a platform that allows students to compete in games, challenges, and puzzles to win prizes for their school and themselves.

Good Vibes

Founded in Canada in 2021 by 16 entrepreneurs, Good vibes is dedicated to improving mental wellness through indoor cultivation. Through innovation,respect, teamwork and positivity Good Vibes has worked on making connections that are made to last.

Hoodies For Hope

Hoodies for hope is selling hoodies in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Indigenous youth in Fort Chipewyan. The product serves as a symbol of awareness of the lack of opportunities faced by many Indigenous youth.

6ix Scarves

6ixScarves designs high quality and warm scarves for those who need as well as those who want.

ADvanced Marketing

ADvanced Marketing is a company that promotes the maintenance of a positive and ambitious company atmosphere and create secure relationships with our customers and partners.


Box4U is a student-led organization striving to inspire individuals, ignite inner positivity, and provide an escape from the stresses found in everyday life. They aim to reach this goal through their Wellness Box, curated to calm the senses.

Bundle Delights

Bundle Delights is a gift basket company that provides anniversary and friendship-themed gift baskets to help consumers connect in the COVID-19 pandemic. They aim to make gift-giving easier one basket at a time and support local GTA charities.