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Meet the Company Program student teams and their volunteer advisors; find out about the innovative and varied products and services they developed, the companies they created and how they managed their businesses during their 18-week learning journey.

Group 920

Our 2023-24 Teams

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6ixEssence is dedicated to environmental sustainability, consumer health, and mental wellness. Crafting scented candles from 100% soy wax, our products are free from carcinogens found in paraffin wax. 6ixEssence’s scents are aimed to improve consumer moods through common memories and experiences. #Sustainability #ConsumerHealth #MentalWellness


AniModels is a company dedicated to creating animal models from recycled cardboard, meant to entertain and educate our customers on the value of preserving the environment.


Artlet is a well driven group of people coming together to make the world a better place with our product Artlet! Artlet is a company program which produces colourful outlet covers. It will glow your room up and make it colourful. A percentage of every purchase will be donated to Mak


Introducing Blink – where innovation meets erasability! At Blink, our JA company is on a mission to make a positive impact in our community. Our CSR goals include environmentally friendly pens and lowering carbon footprint through the magic of erasable pens! Prioritizing erasable ink, good art and positive messages, our pens ensure our customers experience ultimate joy and convenience. Perfect for students and teachers alike, Blink pens bring a splash of happiness to your daily routine. Be ready for a world of creativity and ease! #BlinkPens #innovation


Card.eo, a JA Company, introduces an innovative and interactive card game designed to promote health and fitness. Our product, Card.eo, encourages physical activity through a series of fitness challenges depicted on each card. Aimed at individuals of all ages, this game blends the fun of card playing with the benefits of physical exercise, making fitness accessible and enjoyable in a social setting.


Charmlits is a company that creates music themed bracelets for everyone. Our mission statement is to help strengthen bonds between community members through selling bracelets. During the process of developping and creating bracelets, we try to have ethnically sourced products, foster a sense of community, create a positive and safe environment and to include everyone!

Charms for Change TO

We specialize in crafting unique keychains, meticulously manufactured by our dedicated team. Our keychains not only add a touch of style to your belongings but also contribute to a greater cause, as a portion of the proceeds goes to support the Food Bank. Available in a spectrum of vibrant colors and various sizes, our keychains blend practicality with purposeful giving. Choose a keychain that not only reflects your individuality but also makes a positive impact on those in need.

Chatoyer Collective

Chatoyer Collective offers a unique product and hope to create a new way for our customers to express themselves through their accessories. Chatoyer is a company that promotes self expression and creativity. Chatoyer means to shimmer and is a company that allows you let your inner self shimmer.

Clarity Chronicles

Clarity Chronicles is a JA Central Ontario Company. They are a student led business who strive to make an impact in the community and always aim to bring a smile to your faces. Their product provides a riveting journey through understanding your mental wellbeing.


Conscious, a group of highly dedicated high school students are on a mission. Their eco-poxy resin-based bear keychains are more than accessories; they’re a symbol of support for mental health causes. With each purchase, Conscious contributes to organizations dedicated to making a difference in the mental health scene. Join them in creating a world where every keychain carries a message of hope and positive change!

Cosmos Canvas

We will sell collectable #constellation stickers in a kit while also educating children about constellations in the sky. 5% of #profits will go towards the charity: Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. We partner with companies to spread education around the universe!


CraftNova stands as a beacon of job transparency, committed to empowering recent graduates and Gen Z by illuminating the diverse advantages of blue-collar positions. We foster an environment where clarity meets opportunity, shaping career paths.


Empowering Style with innovation, their mission is to craft uniquely designed hoodies inspired by a charitable cause, whilst inspiring and empowering others


Our JA Central Ontario Company Program for young adults with diverse abilities contributes to the learning and personal development of the team. In addition to learning about business the team is also discovering the importance of social responsibility and making a positive impact.


GenZaPedia, A JA Central Ontario Company

Learn & Leap

Learn&Leap is a company that focuses on the betterment of its consumers, by providing various amounts of math flashcards made to help children between grades 6-8 who may have a difficult time in learning math the traditional way and may benefit from a more hands on learning experience.


Mosaic is a JA company dedicated to promoting cultural diversity through the joy of cooking. Mosaic strives to share authentic recipes not only from well known countries, but from countries less recognized in our society. They wish to bring awareness to people from all around the world and their cultural foods. Mosaic is a company that believes it is of utmost importance to bring together the people of the world, and have chosen to do this through the universal love of cooking. Mosaic hopes that their company will help showcase the many nations of the world and their cultures. #culturaldiversity #culturalawarness #cooking #mosaic #authenticrecipes #recipes #diversity

Next Stop: Safety

Next Stop: Safety’s mission is to empower and educate individuals on how to stay safe while using public transit, by providing them with high-quality and affordable public transit safety kits. Next Stop: Safety aims to increase awareness about the importance of personal safety and make it accessible to everyone.


Welcome to Orenate, where craftsmanship meets elegance in the world of fine jewelry. At Orenate, we take pride in our commitment to creating exquisite pieces that redefine the art of accessorizing. Specializing in high-quality marble bracelets, our designs seamlessly blend sophistication with a touch of natural beauty. Each bracelet is crafted by hand individually. At Orenate, we pour our passion and expertise into every detail, ensuring that our creations stand out as timeless statements of luxury. With a dedication to quality, Orenate invites you to enhance yourself in our specially designed marble bracelets, where each piece tells a story of beauty and refinement. Elevate your style with Orenate, where every creation is a testament to the enduring beauty of exceptional craftsmanship.

Repaw Styles

Here at Repaw Styles we offer trendy dog bandanas handcrafted from repurposed clothes, providing a sustainable and stylish solution for pet owners. With every purchase, customers contribute to the well being of sheltered dogs in our community.

S.O.S. – Sustainable Office Supplies

We make eco friendly stationery kits to promote a healthy planet for future generations. The kit includes pencils, notebooks and washi tape, made by hand, using recycled material. A percentage of our profits will be donated to Clean Air Task Force, Access to Education and Epilepsy Toronto. We are extremely proud of our creation.


Salus is a company founded by a team of high-school students dedicated to promoting mental health awareness through a stylish approach. Our clothing will provide a comfortable style that resonates with various communities.


Splice is a small student led business based in Barrie, Ontario. Splice strives to ignite family connections and foster memories that last a lifetime through the collective love of golf by selling “My First Swing” (a starter golf kit)

Starise Jewelry

Starise Jewelry aims to spread joy and positivity and support youth mental health through unique handmade jewelry.


We are dedicated to bringing you a unique self guided DIY sushi experience like no other. The DIY Sushi Box from SushiMEE is a complete kit with some of the tools you need to make sushi rolls. The box consists of non-perishable, prepackaged sushi ingredients, including (rice, seaweed, soy sauce, etc). This allows us to provide you with the sushi roll essentials.


Tapi was created on the basis of two problems: large corporations pushing out small businesses in the market and the struggle that youth face when it comes to a lack of “third places” leaving them with nowhere to go. The Tapi team understands the severity of these problems, having watched small businesses close their doors during COVID-19 and observing the effects of youth being isolated because of the limited spaces for them to be in. Tapi’s goal is to uplift small businesses in a space tailored to them while also encouraging people to go out and discover a new way to live instead of falling into routine.

Tea Time

Tea Time is a Brampton-based student-run company that strives to unite individuals through different flavors of tea from around the world. #tea #teatime


ThinkInk is a company dedicated to aiding with customers’ mental health and focus needs when working by providing a fidget pen. The company has mental wellbeing as their number one priority, as it will donate a portion of profits to Anxiety Canada when liquidating.


Threadz is a clothing brand where sustainable fashion meets self-expression. Our stylish collection not only celebrates individuality but also embraces eco-friendly practices.

Totelly DIY

Totelly DIY offers eco-friendly, customizable tote bags made from durable canvas. With unique customizable pins and a zipper closure, our bags prioritize sustainability, durability, and style. #EcoFriendlyFashion #CustomizableTotes

Urban Sketchwear

Urban Sketchwear is an aspiring hoodie startup company, distinguished by its focus on supporting & collaborating with local student artists, by providing them a unique platform to display their art & gain exposure. #innovativefashion #art #supportlocal