Tell us about the incredible company you’ve been building through JA's Company Program and get featured on our social media channels!

  • Please fill out the form below by FEBRUARY 18, 2024
  • 10 team challenge points will be given to those that submit by the deadline.


Max. 250 characters on what your company stands for. Use third party language (ie. ABC is a company....) Include hashtags if applicable.
MANUFACTURING/RETAIL – the company’s primary product or service is made or sourced by a group of students, usually sold in an in-person setting or online. TECHNOLOGY – the primary product of the company is technology-based, like an app, educational or interactive website, or a game. Product sales are unlikely to occur during the Company Program timeframe, but other funds are raised to support the development. Some companies may create a working prototype by the end of the program. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE – the primary purpose of the company is focused on developing a solution to social challenges, such as greenhouse gas emissions, mental wellness, or homelessness. Although we understand many companies will support charities through product sales, that in and of itself doesn’t mean the company is a social enterprise. Must align with one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Max. 100 characters on what your company stands for (ie. mission). Include hashtags if applicable.
Max. 250 characters about your product.
Tell us briefly about your team mascot! What does it represent? What is their name? Do they have a story?
***Please make sure that your documents are not blurry/low quality and that access to folder is shared with JA*** 1. TEAM PHOTO - ie. a picture taken during your Company Program meeting (PNG or JPEG) 2. PRODUCT PHOTO - This can be a screenshot if your product is digital (PNG or JPEG). You can also share a short (less than 30 sec) video or a GIF of your product as well, BUT we also want a picture. 3. LOGO - your company logo (PNG or JPEG) 4. TEAM MASCOT (OPTIONAL)- Send us an image of your team mascot! If you submitted one for the social media challenge, you do not have to re-submit.
Please confirm that your team will have at least 2 members attending the Trade Show (in-person event in Downtown Toronto) on March 14th, 2024. We will be collecting the names of those who will be attending on a separate form.(Required)
Please note that we encourage all members to attend the event if they are available but a maximum of 4 members are allowed to sell at the company's booth.