On-Call Cancellation Coverage

Throughout the school year we have several days where we have large-scale program deliveries. With more volunteers going into the classroom on these specific dates, the chances are greater that we will have some who cancel the night before or morning-of. We are looking for community volunteers who are interested in being placed on an on-call list. A $50 reimbursement will be offered to compensate for travel expenses.

Next Steps
  • Express your interest in being placed on our on-call cancellation coverage list by clicking on the link above and filling out the required fields.

  • When we have a large-scale program delivery date approaching, we will reach out with specific date and program details. If you have that date available in your schedule, you can confirm that you will hold it to be on-call. You will received details about the program ahead of time so you can ensure you’re prepared for the class visit, if required.

  • We will do our best to confirm if cancellation coverage is needed with as much advance notice as possible (e.g. sometimes we have volunteers cancel within one or two days of the program delivery). However, please kindly note that sometimes we only find out the morning-of.

  • You will be contacted and told the school details so you can go to the school and cover the cancelled class.

  • A $50 reimbursement will be mailed to your home address to cover the cost of your travel expenses for the day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Britton Nicol.