Our Approach

We are the link between education and the business world, giving youth the confidence and knowledge they need to define personal success, enhance their workforce readiness and pursue their dreams. Furthermore, we inspire youth to make informed, educated and knowledgeable financial decisions, start companies, develop career plans and express their innovative spirit. We do this by providing valuable programs for youth designed around three main pillars:

Entrepreneurship lightbulb

We produce graduates who are more likely to become entrepreneurs, create jobs and power our economy. These future business leaders attribute JA as the catalyst that inspired them to start their own business, and empowered them with the skills and abilities to be successful. These new enterprises and new jobs will drive the economic engine that will create increased prosperity and help close the productivity gap

Financial Literacy

Our programs produce financially-literate graduates who save more and borrow less than the average Canadian. Our graduates believe us to be the driving force behind their heightened financial literacy, through the acquisition of skills like budgeting, long-term planning and investing. This results in more solvent citizens who can provide for their own retirement, are less burdensome to the social safety net, and constitute a more active investor base.

Financial literacy building blocks
Work Readiness
Work readiness hand bag

Our graduates believe that JA programs had a significant impact on their desire to stay in school and pursue a post-secondary education, and their ability to get a job and perform at a high level. As a result, our graduates are better prepared for the workforce. This results in accelerated career tracks, heightened trajectories and more skilled employees.