Volunteer spotlight – Steven Duchen

Steven began his JA journey five years ago, when his previous employer Salesforce suggested he volunteer with JA Central Ontario. Having since retired, he has become part of one of our vital Community Volunteers and continues to share his experience and insights with students.

Over the past five years, Steven has dedicated a significant amount of time and energy inspiring the next generation through JA Central Ontario programs. He originally joined us as a volunteer through his former employer, but didn’t let retirement stop him sharing his experience and insights with students.

“When I retired I still wanted to stay busy, and I really enjoyed my time volunteering with JA Central Ontario,” he says. “Even though I’m not working, I still volunteer in the classroom once or twice a month. I always feel good at the end of teaching a JA Day, and I always feel like I’ve contributed positively to the students’ experience.”

Experience and expertise

Steven has a wealth of professional experience that helps him deliver JA Central Ontario programs and add his own personal spin to the material. Students benefit from his real-life experience and he is able to share relevant insights and advice.

“I really enjoy going into the classroom and making a positive impact,” he says. “Often it takes a little while for students to get into the program, but then students begin to engage and ask lots of questions. I go out of my way to make the sessions as interactive as possible and get everybody talking.”

The JA Central Ontario program content helps Steven structure his classes and gives him an opportunity to share his personal experiences.

“The content is well organized and created for volunteers,” he concludes. “But it’s important to add your own story and get the students talking. I find the whole process very rewarding and it’s incredibly satisfying to help these young people learn key skills that will shape their futures.”

Are you interested in sharing your expertise with the next generation? Get in touch and join our JA volunteer team!