Volunteer spotlight – Michelle Addorisio

Michelle is a passionate advocate for JA Central Ontario, volunteering her time, knowledge, and experience to ensure young people across the region continue to benefit from our programs.

With a background in both teaching and financial services, Michelle brings a fantastic mix of experience and skill to JA Central Ontario. She has volunteered for over four years across a range of programs, representing her employer Scotiabank. She takes her role very seriously and has a track record of drastically increasing our reach through her tireless efforts to motivate other Volunteers and inspire even more students every year.

“When I first started volunteering with JA Central Ontario, I realized just how much of an impact these programs could make,” she says. “In my first year supporting JA, I increased the number of Scotiabank Volunteers from around 50 to 100 with the help of my team, building up our presence in the classroom and making sure even more young people benefited from these vital programs.”

Increasing our impact and extending our reach

Alongside our in-class programs, Michelle plays a vital role in championing the JA Central Ontario Company Program with her employer. This 18-week program brings together high school students from across Central Ontario, pairing them with expert business Advisors to help them create, develop and run their own business from scratch. Michelle has taken a unique approach to growing the reach of this program in her organization, making sure students from far and wide can take part.

“When I began working with the Company Program, Scotiabank hosted one Company a year,” she says. “Over the past two years, I have increased this to 8 Companies, hosted by Scotiabank employees across the region. Each Company is made up of 15 to 20 students – so this is a great increase in our reach and the number of students who benefit from the program. This wasn’t easy, but it was a phenomenal experience and the sense of satisfaction and giving back to the community is overwhelming.”

For Michelle, the connection between teaching and financial services comes naturally. As a trained teacher, she enjoys in-class JA Days and helps her colleagues prepare for standing in front of a class of students.

“The programs are very powerful,” she concludes. “Not only do they teach students important life skills and help them think for themselves, they also help bring Volunteers out of their shells too. Scotiabank’s collaboration with JA is phenomenal. This experience has made such a positive difference in my working life and I’m proud to continue to be part of this important relationship.”

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