Volunteer spotlight – Ibraheem Aziz

After taking part in JA Central Ontario programs as a student, Ibraheem signed up as a JA volunteer to share his work experiences with the next generation. He add his own unique experience to our life-changing classes, helping young people get ready for future success!

Working as an Associate with BMO Financial Group, Ibraheem was given the opportunity to head back to the classroom and deliver a financial literacy course for students in Grade 8. As a previous JA student himself, he jumped at the chance to deliver our unique Economics for Success program, remembering just how much he’d benefitted from his time in a JA class!

“To me, JA has always offered students the chance to learn about key topics not covered in the school curriculum,” he says. “Subjects like personal financial management and economics are really important for students, and I really benefitted from learning about these through a JA program. I now work in the finance sector, so volunteering for JA was really meaningful. It let me give students the same experience I had when I was younger, helping them to learn from my real-life experience.”

A modern take on financial literacy

As a JA volunteer, Ibraheem is able to help students understand key concepts that will help them as they begin to think about their futures. He brings real-world experience into the classroom, giving top tips and answering important questions.

“JA do a really great job of bridging the gap between school and work,” he says. “As a volunteer, I was able to give advice that would help not only in their careers, but also in their personal lives. This was my first time volunteering in this way and I really enjoyed being part of their learning experience. It was great to give students from a range of backgrounds some key advice that will help them to succeed.”

Bringing his own experience to the classroom

For Ibraheem, his favourite part of volunteering in the classroom was making learning fun for the students. The program involved playing a finance-focused board game and acting out different situations such as networking and interview scenarios.

“I really enjoyed being able to make the students laugh and learn at the same time,” he concludes. “I’d love to be part of this experience again. It’s rewarding to be able to put my own candid spin on these important topics and apply my own experience to help the next generation.”

Are you interested in sharing your expertise with the next generation? Get in touch and join our JA volunteer team!