Volunteer spotlight – Cathy White

Cathy started her JA volunteer journey delivering an in-class program to a rapt audience of Grade 8 students. She shared her outstanding business experience, giving them a unique insight into the real world of work.

As Director Solutions Consulting Canada for SAP Canada, Cathy brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role with JA Central Ontario. As a volunteer presenter, she delivered our Economics for Success program, which helps students gain a stronger sense of who they are and how to use their strengths to succeed in the future.

“The students were very engaged and had a lot of fun during the lessons,” Cathy says. “It was quite nerve-wracking to start with, but our training prior to going into the classroom helped us to understand how to interact with students and get them involved.”

Sharing important experiences

Her students benefited from Cathy’s career experience as she helped them work out how they can plan their finances and achieve their future goals. The program guides students through a series of lessons and hands-on exercises related to goal setting, career planning and budgeting.

“I enjoyed being able to pass along my experiences and help the students understand the career options available to them,” she says. “A lot of the material was information students had touched on, but not thought about in great depth. It was great to expand on their learning and help them see their future goals.”

At the end of the program, Cathy found students were thoroughly engaged in the activities and even wanted to stay in after the lesson and play a game based on financial planning.

“I really enjoyed getting the students involved and hearing their interesting questions,” she concludes. “I’d love to get involved in another JA Day and help more students to figure out their future career paths. As a volunteer with JA I feel that I can help make these big decisions less scary and more manageable as they make decisions that will shape their futures.”

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