Volunteer spotlight – Anthony Boright

Anthony began his JA journey as an in-class volunteer, delivering our fantastic programs to young learners. Since then, he’s joined our Board of Directors to share his experience and help thousands more young people benefit from our work!

With a background in Financial Services – in both large companies and small start-ups – Anthony brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as a JA Central Ontario Volunteer. He came to JA with over 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship and business management, and originally started volunteering to give young students a real-life glimpse of the world of work through our in-class programs.

He has delivered key programs such as our ‘Be Entrepreneurial Junior’ course for Grade 6, helping students to understand the important role entrepreneurship plays in the Canadian economy and what it takes to start your own business.

“Being in the classroom is both exhilarating and exhausting,” says Anthony. “It gives you a renewed appreciation for teachers and is really rewarding. It’s great to see students getting involved in workshops and I enjoy connecting with students who find they have a real interest in the topics they’re being taught.”

Anthony was trained by our team of experts to deliver the programs to school students. Topics include exploring branding, understanding target markets and creating a product pitch – key skills for learners getting ready to make the choices that will shape their future.

“The materials are well-researched and thorough,” he says. “It’s easy for volunteers to use the pre-prepared information to teach students and lead exciting, interactive workshops.”

Getting involved outside the classroom

After delivering over 15 in-class programs over a number of years, Anthony decided to take his volunteering JA journey even further. He joined our Board of Directors and is now responsible for sharing his business expertise not just with young students – but with JA Central Ontario employees. His support helps the organization reach even more learners and enhance our ability to change young lives.

In addition, as an Advisor on our unique Company Program, Anthony works with high school students tasked with setting up and running their own business. Over the course of this 18-week program, Anthony offers advice, support and business acumen to make sure these students develop, run and maintain a company that will succeed.

Are you interested in sharing your expertise with the next generation? Get in touch and join our JA volunteer team!