Volunteer spotlight – Adejisola Atiba

Adejisola is passionate about the importance of volunteering. She shares her expertise and enthusiasm with young students through JA Central Ontario in-class programs, helping the next generation to succeed.

Having worked in the financial sector all her life, Adejisola brings a wealth of important experience to her role as a JA Central Ontario Volunteer. She learned about JA Central Ontario through her employer RBC, whose generous support helps us to reach a large number of classrooms across the region each school year.

“I believe passionately in sharing knowledge and skills, paying it forward and helping the next generation,” she says. “JA Central Ontario students have the opportunity to learn skills that will empower them in their future careers, and I enjoy being part of that.”

She has gone above and beyond to expand the reach of our programs, engaging her community to provide our programs to a wider range of students in her local area.

“When you volunteer you’re giving something of yourself,” she says. “You learn leadership skills, empathy and patience. It’s a win-win situation – the students have somebody to help them and volunteers are honing their skills too.”

Getting students ready for the real world

With her experience in financial services, Adejisola understands the importance of learning financial literacy from a young age. She finds that JA Central Ontario’s programs have the potential to make a big difference to the next generation.

“What we teach during a JA Central Ontario course stays with students for years,” she says. “The material is appropriate to the students’ age and grade and they always learn something new. The statistics show that young people who go through the programs are more likely to succeed in their careers – starting early is key to this.”

For Adejisola, the excitement and enthusiasm of students makes the experience even more worthwhile.

“The experience is amazing,” she concludes. “Students are excited and willing to learn – it’s fun for everybody and everybody gets involved. JA Central Ontario’s programs really have a positive impact on students’ lives – they help young learners start to explore beyond the classroom to help them in the future. I’m really happy to be part of the JA community and can’t wait to continue getting involved.”

Are you interested in sharing your expertise with the next generation? Get in touch and join our JA volunteer team!