The Power of Community

We begin each year reflecting on ways to bring our vision to life; creating a world in which young people have the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities. Now, we’re looking back over the past twelve months and reflecting on how much has been accomplished.

What is clear is that the power of community has profound impact. We are thankful for the collaborations, partnerships and working relationships that have made our achievements possible this year.


Throughout 2022-2023, we increased our focus on aligning our efforts to create meaningful results. We worked in partnership with like-minded community members, organizations and companies on exciting initiatives throughout the year and we meaningfully entered conversations about how and where we could contribute even more. Delivering on shared goals allowed us to reach into new communities, engaging students and teachers throughout our region.

Impact By Design

Creating impact is the starting point of our planning and development approach. We not only consider what we need to do in order to positively impact the future of local students, but why we do what we do, who we need to work with and how we need to show up to achieve outstanding outcomes. We’re designing the way we work to consciously create positive impact for students, teachers, volunteers and the community — and ensure JA Central Ontario’s relevance for years to come.




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Leadership Letters

A message from the Chair of
our Board of Directors

With big goals you can achieve big results, and we had that concept in mind throughout the entire 2022-2023 year.

As I look back on the past twelve months, I am proud to be part of a charity that not only aims high but also puts in the tremendous effort it takes to make its goals a reality.


One of the most important keys to success is to be connected — to your mission, to the people you serve, and to the people who form your community.

This year, the JA Central Ontario team worked with thousands of students, volunteers, teachers, corporate and community partners in our region. No one can achieve great things on their own and the team at JA Central Ontario fully embraces the art of collaboration.


Creating positive impact is the foundational component of our work as a Board of Directors and it shows up in many different ways.

We begin each meeting of the Board of Directors with Mission Moments, stories that reflect the overarching reason we are engaged in this work — to positively impact the lives of local students. These observations and anecdotes are shared from the heart by my fellow Directors from their experiences delivering JA impact in the preceding quarter. This is a meaningful component of each meeting, connecting our mission and vision tangibly to governance and strategy.

As a Board, we consider how JA can take action that is in alignment with our strategic plan in order to empower a new generation. We also assess the best ways we can contribute to achieving the national goals of JA in Canada.


To everyone who was involved in JA Central Ontario this past year, supporting youth to create the futures they desire, thank you. And if you’d like to join us on this inspiring journey, we always have room for one more!

Together, we can create even more life-changing learning opportunities for young people in Central Ontario.

Anthony Boright
Board Chair


A Message From Our
President And CEO

Resilience and impact are two words that inspired us this year.

We have the great fortune of working with students who are preparing for their bright futures. As a volunteer-powered organization, our collaborations with teachers, schools, partners, and community volunteers empower young people to reach their goals.

This year our entire team focused on acting not only for today, but for many future tomorrows, intentionally designing and delivering programs to have substantial impact.


As we carved a post-pandemic path in 2022-2023, our team focused on having a relevant approach in all that we do, ensuring equitable, inclusive reach to make a real difference in our communities, and cultivating resilient resources, so we can thrive well into the future.


We welcomed a return to in-person learning experiences and events, incorporating our learnings about virtual program delivery during the recent pandemic-influenced years to enrich our offerings and benefit students.

We innovated by offering new learning experiences that address important topic areas, such as a new Mental Well-Being Summit and hosting a bilingual Young Entrepreneurs in Action virtual learning experience.

Continuing our learning and development journey, we both participated in and offered programs that included growth opportunities on the topics of reconciliation, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), and accessibility.

Our people-centric approach to working saw us open a new home for JA Central Ontario. With an ergonomic design, a flexible workspace, and the technology we need, the King Street office is designed to support our hybrid work transformation.

We launched the JA global brand strategy in our region and created a new website.


We have accomplished so much yet have so much more we want to do. In looking back on all that has been achieved over the past year, the team at JA Central Ontario is more excited than ever about the future.


Each and every day, we are inspired to empower new generations of community leaders as they soar towards their dreams.

Jennifer Holmes Weier
President and CEO

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