2021-22 Annual Report

Empowering a New Generation: Fulfilling our purpose

A Message from the Chair of our Board of Directors and our President and CEO

Chris Manning and Jennifer Holmes Weier 2

The world is changing – and fast. After two years of a global pandemic, social transformations and economic uncertainty, young people across Central Ontario are looking ahead to a future that is full of opportunity and hope.

To better support youth in changing times, JA Central Ontario and our worldwide network have refocused our vision and values. With a new local strategic plan, youth-focused impact model, and refreshed global brand identity, we are empowering a new generation to shape the future: no matter what this future holds.

So, what did this mean for the 2021-2022 school year?

In the past year, JA Central Ontario has radically focused on fulfilling our purpose. Our vision is a world in which young people have the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities – so how did we work towards achieving this vision in the past year?

We adapted

This year, we focused on evolving our learning experiences to remain relevant to students today. New, engaging experiences brought our three focus areas – financial health, work readiness and entrepreneurship – to life in exciting and unique ways.

We innovated

Tackling online learning fatigue and focusing on student engagement, our team continued to meet students where they are – at home and at school. We brought learning to life and equitably reached students through unique digital platforms, experiences and events.

We activated

The JA Central Ontario community brings our impact to life. We continue to expand and work closely with our network, encouraging our students to do the same – together, we are building the world we want to see for young people across Central Ontario.

Building optimism, resilience and hope

Young people tell us they’re anxious about what’s ahead. Employers are looking for the next generation of employees to bring different skills to support the future of work. Governments are looking for ways to build back stronger in an uncertain economy.

We know there are challenges and opportunities ahead.

Here at JA Central Ontario, we’re focusing on an exciting vision for the future – a future that is centred around young people and their capacity for positive change. We believe wholeheartedly in the boundless potential of youth to transform the world. By supporting students to develop their self-efficacy and self-belief, we are setting them up with the skills, connections and confidence to build a future that works for them and their communities.

In the coming year, even more JA students will transform from thinking “I can’t” to “I can” with support from our incredible network of educators, volunteers, partners and donors – opening a world of endless possibilities.

As we look ahead, we are excited to empower even more students to find their path and pursue their dreams.

Chris Manning, Chair, Board of Directors

Jennifer Holmes Weier, President and CEO