In-School Programs

Why Your Class Should Participate in a JA Program

Dedicated volunteers from businesses deliver JA programs across central Ontario. They bring their professional experiences into the classroom to help students connect program concepts with real-life situations. Volunteers use a mix of hands-on activities, discussions and digital learning to engage students and ensure they retain and use what they learn. With their help, students gain the knowledge and confidence they need to define their personal success and go after their dreams.

Our impact happens in three stages: transformation, delivery, and achievement. First, we provide a transformational event that alters students’ ambitions and encourages them to do more with their lives. Next, we give them the skills and confidence they need to achieve great things. Finally, they use those skills to reach their highest potential.

Update: 2019-20 School Year

With the school closures due to COVID-19, in-school programs will not be taking place. We hope to resume sending presenters to schools in the 20202-21 school year once it is safe to do so.

Please use the ‘Sign up my school’ buttons to register your class(es) for the 2020-21 school year. Our online registration is already open.

Please take a look at the programs below we currently offer as in-school programs. You can download the full program details for more information.

More Than Money

This interactive program introduces students to 7 characters, each representing a different characteristic of how individuals approach money management.

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Program Details

Level: Grades 4-5
Commitment: One School Day

Our Business World

Introduces students to the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship in Canada.

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Program Details

Level: Grades 5
Commitment: One School Day