We are the link between education and the business world that so many students need today. In times of increased globalization, unemployment is affecting Canadian youth and Canada’s ability to stay competitive. Of the 35 member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Canada tops the list for educated people living in poverty.

Self-employment is the only solution to this economic crisis and we estimate that one in five Canadians will be their own boss in ten years. Canada needs more entrepreneurs and JA Central Ontario is uniquely positioned to grow and support them.

Benjamin Tal
Deputy Chief Economist
CIBC World Markets

Since 1950, JA Central Ontario has partnered with Canadian businesses to bring in-class experiential learning to over 4 million Canadian students in grades 4 to 12. We are a registered charity, relying fully on donations and the volunteers of our corporate partners. Find out how your company and employees can make a real difference by awakening entrepreneurship in Canadian students.

Our Impact

Research undertaken by the Boston Consulting Group confirms JA’s impact, showing that JA alumni are:

JA Alumni are more likely to open their own business.

to open their own business which leads to innovation, new jobs and wealth creation. *

JA Alumni are 3X more likely to hold senior and middle management positions in the organizations.

to hold senior and middle management positions in their respective organizations. *

JA Alumni earn 50% more on average.

than those who do not benefit from a JA program.

* Boston Consulting Group 2011 Impact Report

Get Involved

Our work is made possible by the incredible people who make our region a place for businesses and families to thrive. You are teachers, parents, supporters and role models. No matter what your role, you can contribute in a meaningful way.

Find out how:

What’s New

Congratulations to Bézh, a JA Central Ontario Company sponsored by RBC who recently placed 2nd overall at the JA Americas 2017 Company of the Year Competition in São Paulo, Brazil. See the competition through their eyes by clicking here.

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